The Smith Jones Cabin

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Smith Jones 1804-1861

The cabin which is on this property was built by Smith Jones (1803-1861).

Smith Jones was born in 1803 in a section of Jackson County that in 1818
became Gwinnett County. We do not know how he came to be named “Smith” but
at that time it was a common practice in the South to use a surname as the
given name, especially for a son.

Before Smith Jones was twelve years old he and his brothers became
orphans. His father died before May 1812 and his mother died before March
11, 1811. In July 1817, Smith’s maternal grandfather, Nathan Fowler, died
and in his will left to the five orphan Jones children a tract of land,
including his plantation house, and his farm equipment. Since no record of
the settlement of Nathan Fowler’s estate has been found, we do not know what
happened to this land.

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A 65 Acre Paradise

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This 65 acre Ozark mountain farm lies 3 miles into a lovely valley off AR highway 5 between Calico Rock and Norfork , Arkansas. The land runs from the year-round clear flowing creek bottom and up one side of the valley. There is a large spring on the property pumped by a solar water pump to a 1500 gallon tank on the mountain which is piped across the bottom of the land and to both houses. Another 2” water system pumps creek water for irrigation.

The landform of the area is called Karst which is limestone bedrock undercut by caves and spring aquifers. The mountainside is dominated by eastern Red Cedar, Oak, Hickory and Pine. This woodland has been managed sustainably and contains harvestable timber along many 4WD trails. The bottom land includes Sycamore, Sweet Gum and many producing Black Walnut trees. Approximately 5 acres are in flat creek bottom land which ranges from a very sandy loam to red and dark loams. Three farm areas in the bottom, two of which are fenced, have been recently operated as an organic farm. Over 20 years a collection of more than 30,000 multicolored daffodils have been naturalized around the property. These continue to multiply each year providing a dazzling display every spring.

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