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Q: What school district serves the property?
A: The Calico Rock Independent School District is available, but students who live in this area can also request admission to the Norfork Independent School District.

Q: How far away are major cities with airports?
 Little Rock, AR, Memphis,TN and Springfield, MO all have full air service and are about 3 1/2 hours away, regional service is available in Harrison, AR, about a 2 hour drive.

Q: What kind of shopping is available in the area?
 About 20 miles away, Mountain Home, AR, has a Wal Mart Supercenter, Lowes, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Staples, and over a dozen banks.

Q: What medical care is available nearby?
 Seven miles away, in Calico Rock, AR, is a Community Medical Center, and 20 miles away in Mountain Home, AR, is the world class Baxter Regional Medical Center.

Q: What type of furniture do I see in the house?
 The furniture is a complete suite of hand carved solid mahogany reproduction Victorian furniture, mostly of the Chippendale style. It was selected by the owners piece by piece to specifically decorate all the rooms in the finest of style just as it would have been in the era.

 Q: What is Caribbean Victorian style?
 The owner-builders of the house lived for some years in the Caribbean and grew to love the solid and ornamented yet restrained styles developed there between 1830-1920. The style incorporates decorative wooden elements alongside sturdy natural materials like stone and metal. It was a logical choice to build of stone in this area where superb building stone is found. Besides invulnerability, the material acts as a thermal mass to temper extremes of hot and cold.  

Q: What is the immediate neighborhood like?
 In the valley there are 12 residences, two of which are part time. This property lies at the end of a three mile road so there is tremendous privacy. The folks here range from those with small children to retirement age, some hunt and some Vegan, some have horses and chickens, many have large gardens. All of us know each other and there is always someone to offer help if needed, I would say we have a great neighbors here and good friends.